had seen, is it strange in the least that his fiendishness became omnipresent as well as omnipotent? To justify one crime on the part of a Federal soldier, five crimes more cruel were laid at the doo


r of the Guerrilla. His long gallop not only tired, but infuriated his hunters. That savage stan

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ding at bay and dying always as a wolf dies when barked at by hounds and dudgeoned by countrymen

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, made his enemies fear and hate him. Hence, from all their bomb-proofs his slanderers fired sil

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ly lies at long range, and put afloat unnatural stories that hurt him only as it deepened the sa

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vage intensity of an already savage strife. Save in rare and memorable instances, the Guerrilla

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murdered only when fortune in open and honorable battle gave into his hands some victims who wer

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ies, stoical and grim as a stone. As strange as it may seem, the perilous fascination of fighting under a black flag—where the wounded could have neither surgeon nor hospital, and where all that rem

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of every manly duty—deserted even the ranks which they had adorned and became desperate Guerillas because the home they had left had been given to the flames, or a gray-haired father shot upon his ow

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